Final sponsors for the 2015 edition of the DD2tB

We are extremely proud to be partnering with a record number of local and national organizations who are helping us to host the 2015 edition of the Double Down 2 the Beach.

Our title sponsors for the 2015 edition of the DD2tB are LabCorp and Conklin Oil and Propane.

LabCorp logo

We want to thank LabCorp and Dr Mark Brecher, CMO of LabCorp, for donating $1,000 to support the Double Down 2 the Beach ride.  Mark is a member of the Burlington Velo Club and a multi-year veteran of the DD2tB event.  We certainly appreciate his and LabCorp’s involvement in making this year’s Double Down 2 the Beach successful.

Conklin logo

We want to thank Mike Conklin, owner of Conklin Oil and Propane for donating $1,000 to support the Double Down 2 the Beach ride. Mike Conklin is a member of the Burlington Velo Club and has been a long time cyclist.  He is a veteran of the DD2tB event and in 2015 he will be making his 3rd start.  We certainly appreciate his and Conklin Oil and Propane’s support in making this year’s Double Down 2 the Beach successful.

Cone Health logo

Alamance Regional Medical Center (ARMC), operating under the banner of Cone Health, is the current Gold sponsor of the Burlington Velo Club and have graciously provided their premises again for the start of the 2015 event. They did the same for the 2014 event.

CDO logo

cycles de ORO is a current Silver sponsor of the Burlington Velo Club. Owner and founder, Dale Brown, has played an integral role in helping establish the Burlington Velo Club into the cycling community force it is today. cycles de ORO has been a very important part of the DD2tB, using it’s premises and staff to host the starting point of the first 2 events and they continue to assist with early morning starting preparation including breakfast for all participants. Please be sure to thank Dale and his staff at the start again this year.

Atomic logo

We are happy to announce that AtOmic Cycles Bicycle Shop in New Bern, NC will be our finish line sponsor this year! They will be providing hamburgers, hotdogs, beer, sodas and water. Check out their Facebook page at, and remember to stop by their shop after the ride to support and thank them – they are only three blocks from the finish line.  Their website is

Steve logo

This year’s nutrition sponsor is Steve’s Garden Market.  As with the 2014 event, Steve has again provided us with fresh bananas and oranges as well as some classic energy boosting snacks such as Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies and Fig Bars.  Visit Steve’s Garden Market at 329 West Harden Street, Graham, NC and be sure to check out his reviews on Yelp and Like his Facebook page.

Hayden logo

Jeff Wiggins, owner and founder of Hayden Tent Rentals, will be providing SWAG bags for all participants this year.   Jeff is a member of the Burlington Velo Club and he is the current chairman of the DD2tB Planning Committee.  He also completed the 2014 edition of the DD2tB.  Please be sure to check out the website of Hayden Tent Rentals at for all your tent rental needs.  Whether large or small, Jeff has you covered.

Hammer logo

We are pleased to announce Hammer Nutrition, an industry leader in the science of endurance sport fuels, energy drinks, essential supplements, and diet enhancement products will be one of our National Sponsor for the Double down 2 the Beach 2015. Be on the lookout for some excellent nutritional goodies from Hammer Nutrition at packet pickup.

Paceline logo

Paceline Products Inc., maker of the industry leading Chamois Butt’r® and eurostyle® chamois creams is pleased to announce they will be one of our National Sponsor for the Double Down 2 the Beach 2015.  Be on the lookout for some soothing Chamois Butt’r at packet pickup.

Announcing the 2015 event


The 2015 event date has been set for Saturday, June 13 2015. This year the route will take the riders from Burlington, NC to New Bern, NC for a distance of just over 200 miles.

The Planning Committee Members are already very busy finalizing our sponsors, SAG details, return bus details, hotel discounts and setting up the final pricing for the event.

Watch this space for constant updates and breaking news.  And remember to join in the excitement and discussions on our Facebook page.

Instructions for Riders

This information and SAG phone contact list will be in your packet.

Before the ride

  • Packet pick-up is Friday June 6 from 5pm-7pm and Saturday June 7 from 4:30a-5a at the start point. You may have someone else pick it up for you. The ride will start at 5:30 am, get a good night sleep and eat lots of carbs.
  • Each rider is allowed to bring a SMALL bag for their after-ride or overnight essentials. Small meaning a backpack or small duffle bag.  This bag will be transported directly to the finish.
  • We will provide you with one gallon size zip-lock bag (in your packet) to keep in your group’s SAG vehicle. Anything you need during the ride (nutritional items, sunscreen, etc) will need to go in that bag.  Last year, it was found useful to brightly mark your zip-lock bag so it could be easily identified.

o   IMPORTANT: If you have medication that must be taken during the ride, KEEP IT ON YOUR PERSON. We don’t want you to miss a dose if you get separated from the SAG vehicle that’s carrying your bag.

  • When you arrive at the start on the morning of the ride, place your overnight bag in lead SAG vehicle and your zip-lock bag in the SAG vehicle for your speed group.
  • DD2tB is a mass start ride. However, please arrange yourself according to your expected speed. Meaning line up with the 20+ at the front (A), 18+ in the middle (B), 16+ at the back (C).
  • PLEASE, be sure to sign in morning of the ride and AFTER the ride (or call to let us know if someone picks you up).


During the ride

  • Use the first leg of the ride to form subgroups (around 10-20 people) within your speed group with riders of a similar speed. We recommend this for two reasons:
    1.  A peloton of 60 riders creates traffic problems and makes accidents more likely. Breaking into smaller groups will be safer.
    2. Riding 200 miles in a group of 2-3 people is very difficult. Staying with a group of 10 or more will increase your likelihood of success – even if they’re riding at 18mph instead of 19mph.
  • Please note the cut-off times:
    • 30 mile: 7:40 am
    • 60 mile: 9:40 am
    • 90 mile: 11:40 am
    • 120 mile: 1:45 pm
    • 150 mile: 4:00 pm
    • 180 mile: 6:15 pm
    • Hint: You could average as little as 15.3 mph moving time AND take 60 minutes worth of breaks (10 min at each of the 6 stops) and still make it to the last cut-off in time.
  • We highly suggest that you bring your cell phone on the ride so that you can contact SAG if you get off course, need to be picked up, or have an emergency.  Phone numbers will be provided in packet; TAKE THESE WITH YOU!!!!
  • This is VERY IMPORTANT if you want to keep up with your zip-lock bag during the ride and if you have questions about how this works please ask us.  One of the SAG vehicles for your speed group will carry your gallon Zip-lock bag from stop to stop.
    1.  In the morning, put your zip-lock bag in the correctly marked bin for your speed group.
    2.  When you get to a rest stop, your zip-lock bag will be laid out.  Use it as needed.
    3. After your done with your bag, place it back into the correct bin.  This step is essential to keep your bag with your group.  If you do not place your bag in the bin it will be picked up by the last SAG vehicle and you can get it at the end of the ride.
  • We will provide light snacks and hydration at rest stops. This will include PB&Js, fruit, Coke, water, and Gatorade.
  • Subway sandwiches will be provided at the first stop after the halfway point (110-115 miles).


Notes about SAG

  • SAG stands for “Support and Gear” – not taxi service. If you decide to quit, we will eventually get you to the finish. However, you might have to ride in the SAG vehicle for several hours.
  • Over the 200+ mile course, it is impossible for us to be everywhere all the time. If you decide you need a lift, it might take us some time to get to you. We suggest that, rather than waiting on the side of the road, you try to make it to the next rest stop and hitch a ride there.  TAKE the SAG phone numbers with you (Yes, we think this is important); or even better, program them in your phone.
  • Each SAG vehicle will have tubes/pumps to repair flats. However, SAG volunteers are not required to have bike maintenance and repair skills. If you don’t know how to change a flat, learn or be willing to take the teasing when you have to ask for help!

2014 Double Down 2 The Beach Route Finalized

We have finalized the route for the 2014 Double Down 2 The Beach.  The start will be at Alamance Regional in Burlington, NC, and the the finish will be at Dram Tree Park, Wilmington, NC.  The turn by turn route can be downloaded and the queue sheet can be found here at Ride With GPS.  The route is being driven and marked this week and is subject to change based on feedback from the marking crew.  Any changes to the route will be posted here and updated on Ride With GPS.

Registration Information

DD2TB-logoThe Double Down 2 the Beach is a scholarship fundraiser ride organized by the Burlington Velo Club. All proceeds will be used to fund $1000 college scholarships to students in the Burlington, NC area.

Rest stops ~ every 30 miles, providing food and hydration.

Cut-off times will be enforced, the times below are approximate. Final times and distances will be posted once the rest stops have been finalized.
• 30 mile: 7:40 am
• 60 mile: 9:40 am
• 90 mile: 11:40 am
• 120 mile: 1:45 pm
• 150 mile: 4:00 pm
• 180 mile: 6:15 pm

Guarantee 200-220 mile route

Mass start (We encourage you to form groups)

No refunds.

No registration transfers.

Starting point: Alamance Regional Medical Center, 1240 Huffman Mill Road, Burlington NC

End-Point:  Dram Tree Park, Wilmington, NC

Shuttle services from Wilmington are not provided.  You will be responsible for getting home.

for more inquiries, contact

Alamance Regional Sponsors Starting Point for The Double Down

ARMC-logoBurlington Velo Club’s (BVC) Gold sponsor, Alamance Regional Medical Center (ARMC) has come through again.  Thanks to Bob Byrd and his connection to ARMC, we have been allowed to use the Grand Oaks (LifeStyle) Center as the departure point for the 2014 Double Down 2 the Beach.  Bob has played an intricate role in the development of the BVC as one of our originating members and he has maintained our partnership with ARMC since the very beginning.  If you see Bob on June 7th, be sure to give him a hardy thank you.


LabCorp donates $1000 to the Double Down 2 the Beach

MarkWe want to thank LabCorp and Mark Brecher, CMO at LabCorp, for giving a hefty $1000 donation to support the Double Down 2 the Beach ride.  This money will be used towards college scholarships awarded to students in Burlington, Alamance area of North Carolina.  Mark is a member of the Burlington Velo Club and has been a long time cyclist.  We certainly appreciate his involvement in making this year’s Double Down 2 the Beach successful.  Be sure to thank Mark when you see him during the ride on June 7th.

2014 Event Date Announced

The 3rd annual Double Down 2 the Beach will be held on June 7th 2014. Riders should expect another, relatively flat, 200+ mile supported course to the east coast of north Carolina. The starting point will be in Burlington, North Carolina, while the destination point will remain in close proximity to Wilmington, North Carolina. Once again, the Burlington Velo Club is very excited to be putting on this fund raising event. Last year, three $1000 dollar scholarships were awarded to local high school graduates. We are hoping to raise more money this time, because we are able to support an increased number of riders. Registration will now be open to 200 riders on March 1st. Mark Your calendars. The event fills up relatively fast.

North Carolina's annual double century bicycle ride.